Casino Game: Desert Treasure 2

Casino Game Review: Desert Treasure 2

Many casino goers (re)discovered Playtech’s Desert Treasure slot games after seeing The Mummy, one of 2017’s greatest box office successes. Playtech’s Desert Treasure 2 slot machine is a sequel to their popular original, and it’s just as much of an out-of-this-world experience. In fact, this sequel game exposes even more of Egypt’s hidden treasure buried beneath the pyramids and deep beneath the golden sands of the desert, both in terms of magical characteristics and reward possibilities. The slot machine includes the same number of reels (five) and paylines (20), as well as similar symbols, but it has an improved oasis bonus game, new winning combinations, and attractive expanding wilds.

About the Slot Machine Desert Treasure 2

Like its predecessor, Playtech’s Desert Treasure 2 slot is set against a golden desert and the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Cobra Wilds, Egyptian princess scatters, desert oasis bonuses, camels, treasure sheiks, scorpions, scarab beetles, spiders, lizards, and snakes are just some of the symbols that players will recognize from the original game. Perhaps since it was too late for inclusion in the first release, the lowly turtle has finally made it into the game. The most notable change in Desert Treasure 2 is the Cobra Wild’s ability to stretch over many reels, making for a potentially huge payout if you’re lucky. The treasure-selecting interaction from the initial slot returns in the desert oasis bonus game, which is played on a second screen and offers additional winning opportunities.

Scatter Wins with a Royal Princess Bonus!

While the princess in Desert Treasure 2 still has a magical aura about her, she now rewards players with five extra free games if she appears scattered across three or more reels. The payout multiplier has decreased from 3x to 2x from the previous edition. Free spins can be re-activated at any time throughout the game.

Sheik Bonus Game Upgraded in the Desert Oasis

Matching three or more desert oasis symbols transports you to the sheik’s treasure, where you must choose from his assortment of chests, vases, and other intriguing artifacts, much like in the original Desert Treasure slot. This time around, you may also find a map that leads to a hidden tent or sanctuary with even more cash prizes, so pick your location with care.

Wild Cobra Bonus That Grows

The growing Wild Cobra feature is the most noticeable change between the first and second versions of the Desert Treasure slot. If the snake falls on reels two, three, or four, it will spread its poisonous tongue over the entire reel, unlocking some nice rewards and, maybe, a biting jackpot.

Desert Treasure 2, a slot machine from Playtech, is visually and functionally identical to its predecessor. But if you’re a fan of interactive bonus games and specific Expanding Wilds, you could find yourself drawn back to the desert.

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